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About Phibersmith

Knitting, knitting, knitting!

Welcome to Phibersmith Designs! I'm so glad you're here to share my love of fibre arts.

I created Phibersmith Designs in 2009 as a small fibre arts jewelry business in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Over the course of 9 years, 3 babies, and one cross-country migration, it morphed and reformed as a knitting design and supply company now located in Guelph, Ontario.  In its current incarnation it has been growing quickly (sometimes faster than I can run), and I love the feeling of always having a new big thing on the horizon.

The core of my work is the design process, but essential to that process is the inspiration I draw from the community.  I love sharing techniques and insights with the local Yarn Club I organize, working with local yarn producers, and researching, curating, and often creating the products I feature here.  I'm always finding or designing new things, so I hope you will sign up for the newsletter and join the fibre conversation.


About Alexis

Like many people in this industry, I didn't take a direct path here (don't I wish it had been that straightforward).  The pieces of my puzzle fell into place over many years and many different places.  Most people who know me would be surprised to know I graduated with a BA in Film Studies.  This doesn't contribute much to my life these days beyond making me halfway decent with a still camera.  My interest in creating my own business began while working with hundreds of small businesses as a communications professional at a provincial commerce organization in Vancouver.  I learned graphic design and website architecture on the job working for government and non-profit organizations mostly as a cost effective solution to alleviate the in-house demand, and it became something I love.  

And then the knitting. This almost needs its own heading...

About the Knitting

My mom taught me to knit when I was 6 or 7 years old, and in fits and starts it has blossomed into my one over-arching creative occupation. I didn't start to design things until I was in my twenties.  My family and I were travelling for a very long period of time in 2004, and knitting was my most portable skill.  This was years before Ravelry, and many of the places we were staying didn't have great internet anyway, so I didn't have much choice but to make up my own patterns.  This way of knitting from my head instead of a book became somewhat of a habit.  It was even more years before I dared to start putting any of it down on paper.

In 2007 I moved to Vancouver, and in the same year I sought out a spinning class (I trust that on this site I don't need to clarify that I'm not talking about stationary bikes), and my true love affair with fibre began.  Today I consume every bit of knowledge I can get my hands on about the stuff and am unabashedly obsessed.

This obsession is not shared, but is lovingly tolerated by my husband and three sons, who you can see sometimes popping up in pattern photography.  Why yes, thank you, they are adorable.  We live together in my hometown of Guelph, in a house filled with fluffy stuff. We have to vacuum. A lot. And we have no pets.

Keep in Touch!

Questions? Comments? I'd love to hear from you. Drop me a line:

You can also find me on one of the fine social media listed at the bottom of the page, and on Ravelry.